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Feeding on the go made easy!


Feeding on the go made easy!

Busy parents and caregivers know the hassle of preparing a baby bottle on the go. Spilling water, spilling formula, all while a hungry baby is crying. EasyFlo allows storage of formula and water all within the bottle. When your ready to feed, just twist the lid and you're ready to go!


No More Hassle!

EasyFlo takes the hassle our of feeding on the go, relieving stress on parents and babies!


Eliminate hassle, reduce waste.

EasyFlo also eliminates the need to use plastic storage containers and water bottles. 

Creating EasyFlo

Take a behind the scenes look at the creation of EasyFlo and the product that started Alissa's entrepreneurial journey. Featured in Soulpancake and T-Mobile's NEW series, Funded in America!


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