About Us


Our Mission

Our goal is to create a stress free experience for parents and caregivers when preparing a bottle on the go! With EasyFlo we will also eliminate the use of approximately 36 million plastic storage containers each year. 


About EasyFlo Founder

 EasyFlo was created by Alissa Chavez, award winning entrepreneur and University of New Mexico student. Alissa was raised by her mother, a childcare owner in Albuquerque, NM. After seeing hundreds of parents struggle to prepare a bottle on the go and waste of so many plastics containers, Alissa knew something had to be done, EasyFlo was created. 


Reducing Waste

EasyFlo offers separate storage for formula and water within the bottle. Eliminating the need for plastic water bottles and storage containers. Our goal is to reduce the use of these plastic containers one bottle at time!